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Saturday, 27 Mar 2010

In this episode the crew discusses GPS approaches, while CfiStew asks MikeStuew three important questions relating to his GPS approach. We also discuss the pros and cons to ADF navigation, CFISTEW recalls stories of pilots doing illegal activities. PilotStu's steep spiral "clicks" and we learn why. Also tips and tricks for power off 180's, while MikeStuew uses the analogy, "My flight training was like going to catholic school."

The Garmin Auxiliary menu is where you look up RAIM prediction (whether RAIM is expected to be available for a given approach. The unit tells you when you lack RAIM.

Episode Links
RNAV (GPS) A Approach Plate for Arco-Butte (KAOC)

Story from Idaho Aviation Association newsletter on Gunshot Incident from back in the day:
    Sept 2007 and
    Oct. 2007

Links to Cabin Creek - Where you drop full flaps on downwind and Final is truly Final

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